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I have grown up and lived in the Panama City Beach area my entire life and see visitors come and go yearly; many of them miss some of the best things to see and do just because they have only had expensive advertising driving their decisions. This site is designed and developed by my company, Yoda's Lair, as a nonprofit partnership project with local businesses in the Panama City Beach area to provide you the best possible attractions, activities, dining, lodging, and shopping available in the Panama City Beach area. Basically the places the "Locals" would recommend.

Each of the businesses listed on this Web site has demonstrated a high level of quality in their respective areas at affordable pricing for many years in our area. We do not make any money off mentioning them here, nor are we commission-based if you choose to purchase from them. We simply recommend these businesses as a courtesy to them for being the best at what they do.

It is our intent as locals to share our experiences with you to ensure that you too can enjoy the best possible experience while you are visiting Panama City Beach.