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Panama City Beach Quest
By: WebYoda, Inc.

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Version 1.01

Size 5.74MB

Panama City Beach Quest is a pacman style game where you collect fun beach items while avoiding being caught by the crabs. The goal of this game is to collect all small shells with your Player. Dangerous crabs try to eat you so you should avoid them. The Power Balls will help you. When you collect one of those the crabs temporarily become afraid and can be chased for points. Also sometimes a bonus beach items appear. Get the highest score and don't be eaten.

Requires Windows XP or newer to run. No installation needed, just download and run the game. To uninstall, just delete the game file that you downloaded.

You steer your Player using the arrow keys. You can already press the correct key before you reach the corridor (but keep it pressed).

Extra Lives
Extra lives are given at 20,000 points, 80,000 points, and every multiple of 80,000 points.

The game has ten levels. They become increasingly harder.

 1.01 : 5 Stars Award at cleansofts.com ! 5 stars award from www.download25.com  1.01 : 5 Stars Award at redsofts.com !
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